Amercoat® Product Data/. Application Instructions. • Formulated for direct-to- metal application with excellent substrate wetting while retaining excellent. Drying time @ 6 mils ( microns) DFT (hours). °F/°C, 90/32, 70/21, 50/10, 32/0, 16/ dry to touch, 3, 5, 10, 24, dry hard, 6, 8, 13, 30, Cure to. C.G. Edwards, Amercoat Multi-purpose epoxy coating.

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Repair damaged areas by brush or spray. Ventilate confined areas with clean air during application, between coats, and while curing the final coat. Tax and delivery may be changed.

Pacific Southwest Coatings specializes in performance coating solutions for corrosion, 2240, extended life cycle performance, marine, offshore, chemical containment, biological containment, high temperature, fire protection and commercial architectural specialty applications. Amercoat 68hsDimetcote H, dimetcote 9. See our recent coating projects… Coatings that Protect and Perform Pacific Southwest Coatings specializes in performance coating solutions for corrosion, abrasion, extended life cycle performance, marine, offshore, chemical containment, biological containment, high temperature, fire protection and commercial architectural amercowt applications.

Apply awet coat in even, parallel passes with 50 percent overlap to avoid holidays, bare areas and pinholes. This will depend on the age of the primer, surface roughness and conditions during curing. Please select your interests: Box Boston, MA Phone: Full Product Data Sheets Return to quick reference index.

To ameecoat orange peel appearance, adjust conventional spray equipment to obtain adequate atomization at lowest air pressure.

Precision Coatings manufactures high performance finishes based on innovative polyurethane and polysiloxane technologies. Clean equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12 immediately after use. Whether your needs are for high grade finish slip resistant walking surfaces or floors that must stand up to heavy physical or chemical abuse, Pacific Southwest has the coating systems that will meet your requirements.

Edwards Homepage This site last updated July 30, All Images and logo’s on this website are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission.


Typical Uses Tank Linings and Pipe Coatings Ballast and fuel tanks Bilges, wet voids and other damp areas Crude oil tanks Ships, Offshore and Marine Structures Exterior hull above and below waterline Decks and superstructures, piping, and equipment Interior surfaces Fabrication and New Construction Heavy industry, structural steelwork, bridges, tankage Speeds up production, even at low temperatures A single coat multi-purpose, surface-tolerant coating Qualifications Classified by Marintek, as class B1 for use in ballast water tanks Tested by NOHC as being suitable as a lining for grain storage containers.

Our team of highly experienced performance coatings professionals annually influences the application of millions of square feet of coated substrates including carbon steel, concrete, galvanized steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, gypsum board, glass, composites, fiberglass, architectural foam and plastics. Add cure to resin.

Whether you are operating a Las Vegas resort or your renovation is in a mid-Wilshire high rise, Pacific Southwest Coatings has performance coating solutions that amervoat be applied safely, without offensive odors and amerdoat minimal impact on business operations.

With all the recent cases of on-line credit card and Identity theft, we feel obliged to inform our customers that neither C. However, if the products are in the form of a simple or dropdown list, and JavaScript is NOT enabledthen you must add each item to the cart individually.

Coast Guard, heavy marine, work boat and recreational marine markets with best in class products designed to provide extended lifecycle, superior performance and ease of application. Box Boston, MA Phone: On JavaScript-enabled browsers the display table will be automatically updated. Lloyd’s Register – Provisionally 420 as acceptable for saltwater ballast tanks and double bottom tanks; Certificate Number: Pacific Southwest Coatings covers the Pacific South Western United States and Baja California with performance coating technical sales, recommendations and specifications.

Precision Coatings utilizes high grade resins and automotive grade pigments to produce extended life cycle finishes 204 meet the needs of architects, designers and specifiers.

Performance Industrial, Marine and Commercial Coating Systems

You can select any number of items prior to adding to the shopping cart. Amercoat quick reference. AmercoatHPSX Pacific Southwest Coatings provides performance coatings to the industrial market for corrosion protection, chemical containment, abrasion resistance, slip resistance, fire protection and substrate protection.


Please be assured that we will continue to do everything within our power to keep any information submitted by our customers as secure as we possibly can. From industrial performance to marine to commercial architectural, Pacific Southwest Coatings has the coating systems that protect against corrosion, provide facility preservation, offer extended life cycle performance, improve flooring safety and optimize commercial architectural performance. Current Selection The following information is generated automatically for display only.

If required, cross spray at right angles. Such display is for information only and is not essential for the operation. Higher material temperatures will shorten the pot life considerably. Product Data Formulated for direct-to-metal application with excellent substrate wetting while retaining excellent edge coverage Exceptional corrosion protection in salt and fresh water immersion and corrosive chemical environments Surface tolerant, lowers the cost of surface preparation Excellent adhesion to tight rust Compatible with water jetted or hand and power tool cleaned surfaces.

Coatings for Containment Biological containment Chemical containment. Pacific Southwest prides itself on developing performance coating systems that meet not only performance and life cycle requirements, but also through put and process requirements that are important to the manufacturing cycle.

Flush all equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12 before use. It is not necessary to add each item to the cart as they are selected.

Pacific Southwest Coatings – Pacific Southwest CoatingsPacific Southwest Coatings

Do not mix more material than can be used within the expected pot life, 1. See our recent coating projects…. Prevent moisture condensation on the surface between coats.

Systems Using Amercoat 1st Coat. Mix thoroughly until uniformly blended to aworkable consistency. Stir resin using an explosion-proof power mixer to disperse into a homogeneous amrrcoat.