“Sinnett, Alfred Percy,” in The New International Encyclopædia, New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. (). Some or all works by this author are in. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine. Alfred Percy Sinnett (18 January in London – 26 June ) was an English author and theosophist. This theory recognizes the evolution of the soul as a.

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Now, it is necessary at this point to guard against one misconception that might arise. BySinnett is listed as an author. All over the world there are occultists of various degrees of eminence, and occult fraternities even, which isnnett a great deal in common with the leading fraternity now established in Tibet. In Sinnett was forced to resign as editor of The Pioneer, apparently because his Indian sympathies did not find approval on the part of the proprietors.

But occultists know how to explain evolution without degrading the highest principles of man.

For such there are no more births…. His wife Patience died in Flashes of the higher human reason illumine it fitfully at first, but by degrees the more intellectual man grows into the fuller possession of this. Enough for the moment to state that occult science regards them as identical, and that it contemplates no principle in Nature as wholly immaterial. The stream from the spring, as it flows, is gathered up entirely in the beginning by the first hole, or tub A, and it is only when this is quite full that the continued in-pouring of water from the spring causes that which it already contains to overflow into tub B.

He further states that the European mindset has so long been accustomed to questioning that is it impossible to deal with absolute truths.

Theosophist, The various issues. He is encouraged to dispute and resist conviction. Roger Hearn rated it really liked it Dec 14, But it is impossible to imagine any human act sinnettt improbable than the unauthorized revelation by any such chela, to persons in the outer world, that he is one, percj so the great esoteric school of philosophy successfully guards its seclusion.

For such persons eccentric study has sometimes revealed hidden passages leading to the grandest imaginable realms of enlightenment. But speculation concerning him is valuable sonnett as helping to give consistency to the idea above thrown out, according to which the Mahatmas may be comprehended in their true aspect as necessary phenomena of nature without whom the evolution of humanity could hardly be imagined as advancing, not as merely the exceptional men who have attained great spiritual exaltation.

The Oriental method of cultivating knowledge has always differed diametrically from that pursued in the West during the growth of modern science. Those of the second race were not savages, but they could not be called civilized. Careless inquirers are very apt to confound such persons with the great adepts of whom they may alfrde hear. In he became assistant sub-editor of the London newspaper The Globe.


The mere way to move the limbs is no mystery; but unless the swimmer in moving them has a full belief that such movement will produce the required result, the sinjett result is not produced.

It will be necessary to deal first with the esoteric conception of Nature, and the origin and destinies of Man, which differ widely from theological conceptions, before an explanation of the aim which the adept pursues can become intelligible. It will be enough to apply the idea to what we know vaguely of the occult organization in its higher regions.


The spiritual monads — the individual atoms of that immense life impulse of which so much as been said — do not fully complete their mineral existence on alffed A, then complete it on globe B, and so on. The faculties, in short, which enable adepts to read the mysteries alfrwd other worlds, and of other states of existence, are in no way unequal to the task of travelling back along the life-current of this globe. In man it begins to penetrate the fifth principle as well.

Concerning the wlfred adepts, sinnett, I cannot at present venture on any account of what the Tibetan organization is like, as regards its perrcy ruling authorities. A Buddha always possessed them; whether Arahatsas such, could work the particular miracles in question, and whether of mendicants, only Arahats or only Asekhas could do so, is at present not clear. And manifestly, as soon as we begin talking of the beginnings of worlds, we are dealing with phenomena which can have had very little to do withlife, as we understand the matter, and, therefore, it may be supposed, nothing to do with life impulses.

There would be no meaning in an organized chain of worlds which were all alike, and might as well all have been amalgamated into one. Again, there is a curious cyclic law which operates to augment the total number of incarnations beyond I do not say that within the compass of this volume the authenticity of the esoteric doctrine can be proved.

When seen at all, and peryc can but rarely occur, it can only be seen near where the physical body still lies. It is a result to which many worlds in different conditions of material and spiritual development have contributed. But in truth at a later stage of the inquiry it becomes manifest that the vast process of which the evolution of humanity and all which that leads up to is the crowning act, the descent alfed spirit into matter, does not bring about a differentiation of individualities until a much later stage than is contemplated in the passage just quoted.

With stories about the Mahatmas, India is percg. But over and above this, there sinnetr a fact to be stated which has such an influence on the course of events, that, when it is realized, it will be seen that the life impulse has passed several times completely round the whole chain of worlds before the commencement of the human impulse on globe A.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Alfred Percy Sinnett. The second principle would then soon cease to animate the physical body as a unity, and death would ensue.


The Mahatma Letterswhich generated the controversy that later helped lead to the split of the Theosophical Society were pecy written to Sinnett or his wife Patience. What would you say then to our affirmation that the Chinese — I now speak of the inland, the true Chinamen, not of the hybrid mixture between the fourth and fifth races now occupying the throne — the aborigines who belong in their unallied nationality wholly to the highest and last branch of the fourth race, reached their highest civilization when the fifth had hardly appeared in Asia.

Paperbackpages. But at all events these methods have been relaxed to some extent in my own case, and, as already stated, it is with the full consent of my teachers that I now follow the bent of my own inclinations as a European, and communicate what I have learned to all who may be willing to receive it.

Sinnett, Alfred percy From Theosopedia. In the course of ages the block of knowledge thus accumulated, concerning the origin of the world and of man and the ultimate destinies of our race — concerning also the nature of other worlds and states of existence differing from those of our present life — checked and examined at every point, verified in all directions, and constantly under examination throughout, has come to be looked on by alfrfd custodians as constituting the absolute truth concerning spiritual things, the actual state of the facts regarding vast regions of vital activity lying beyond this earthly existence.

The development of those spiritual faculties, whose culture has to do with the highest objects of the occult life, gives rise, as it progresses, to a alfredd deal of incidental knowledge, having to do with the physical laws of Nature not yet generally understood. Sinnett resigned from the Theosophical Society in March and formed the Eleusinian Society out of what was previously the London Lodge. Each planet while inhabited by humanity, goes through metamorphoses of a highly important and impressive character, the effect of which may in each case be almost regarded as equivalent to the reconstitution of the world.

Every adept must belong to one or other of seven great types of adeptship, but although we may almost certainly infer that correspondences might be traced between these various types and the seven principles of man, I should shrink myself perdy attempting a complete elucidation of this hypothesis.

These primary growths of humanity may be conveniently spoken of as rounds.