This graffito consists of two rather crudely etched figures and an inscription below them, written in equally crude letters. There is a Greek. Image of the Palatine graffito of Alexamenos accompanying the discussion of Giulia Sacco,”Il graffito blasfemo del paedagogium nella Domus. Alexamenos Graffito. To pagans, the predawn worship of Christians and their acts of faith were a mystery, which was made no more understandable by the.

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Harvard University Press An Interdisciplinary DialogueWm. Plan of the Palatine Hill. The intentions of the author of the graffiti are, and will forever remain, unknown.

The earliest representation of the Crucifixion is the Alexamenos graffito abovescratched on plaster c. We ask that charity guide your words. We are called to love those who mock us, deride us.

Earliest Known Depiction of Jesus is not so Flattering

Uppercase and lowercase Greek letter upsilon. And it is not at all flattering. The image depicts a human-like figure affixed to a cross and possessing the head of a donkey. No clear consensus has been reached on when the image was made.


Sketches of it may be found several places, including: And then you throw in Epona, the patron saint of donkeys and all the beasts of burden, cattle, and wild animals. The path through the area has been nicely landscaped with alexamwnos described by Pliny and other Roman graffigi. Tertullian, an early Christian author, also reported that Christians were accused of worshiping a donkey-headed deity.

A barrier now prevents entry into the room itself ]. The significance of this graffito is the portrayal or caricature of early Christianity by the average Roman. The relationship between Rome and the Christian faith was always complicated and often changing. The donkey head must have been a prevalent slander at the time as, Tertullian, a convert, countered the accusation in his writings:. Views Read Edit View history.

Kimberley Fowler Publishing date: Along with being one of the oldest surviving representations of Jesus, it may also be one of the earliest depictions of the Crucifixion of Jesus, since the event was only rarely depicted in Christian art before the 6th century.

Tertullian refers again to this notion that “our god is actually the head of an ass” in To the Nationswhere he accuses pagans of being no better. Since named the Alexamenos Graffito, it is believed to date from around AD and grzffiti possible the earliest surviving depiction of Jesus.


Yet this is not a religious icon meant to elicit awe or worship. This graffiti, carved into plaster, was discovered in during archeological excavations and was soon dubbed Alexamenos graffito.

Archived from the original Alsxamenos on In other projects Wikimedia Commons. For he had no other external reason for the lies he tells of us. From what I gather, you are going to wait until Dr.

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Earliest Known Depiction of Jesus is not so Flattering

To the left of the crucified figure is a man raising his hand in presumed worship. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to our discussion guidelines.

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