The eldest son of a primary-school headmaster and a devout Christian mother, Wole Soyinka lived a comfortable life in the Aké parsonage in Abeokuta. Ake: The Years of Childhood is author Wole Soyinka’s autobiographical account about events in his childhood between about and in the town of Ake. Wole Soyinka was a bright, curious child and his account of his early childhood in the town of Abeokuta in Western Nigeria is enchanting.

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View a FREE sample. In addition, I had made some vague, intuitive connection between school and the piles of books with which my father appeared to commune so religiously in the front room, and which had constantly to be snatched from me as soon as my hands grew long enough to reach them on the table.

This surprisingly reasonable stance leads to eloquence regarding the matter of a stolen chicken being conducted along the lines of: Wole graduates to Grammar School, which is led by his uncle, the fierce and larger-than-life Daodu.

His relentless inquiry at such a young age causes concern fo Wole Soyinka gets rave reviews as a writer. We also see him dealing with the superstitions of his Yoruba tribe and trying to reconcile them with the teachings of the Christian brothers.

One can infer that life as a boy in Ake shapes Wole’s being and essence before he leaves Ake to attend a government school run by white men. It did not take long for him to enter my consciousness simply as Essay, as one of those careful stylistic exercises in prose which follow set rules of composition, are products of fastidiousness and elegance, set down in beautiful soyijka that would be the envy of most copyists of any age.

Aje Wole thinks about his new school he adds, “It was time to commence the mental shifts for admittance to yet another irrational world of adults and their discipline.

He writes with his adult voice, but maintains the child’s perspective and understanding throughout, the one exception a nostalgic contrasting of street-fronts then and now.

His father is Essay, Headmaster of the local equivalent of an elementary school, a man who aoe in arguing. His account of himself as simultaneously an admirably curious boy and an annoyingly arrogant one deserves some credit–it truly feels as if he remembers the details and significance of his own behavior in these distinct and impactful times in his life. This book felt so honest, like the author caught all the feelings he felt. Young Wole must also suffer a scare from his father who nearly dies, and who Wole promises to get an education and go to college, the boy’s ultimate goal.


I’ve almost finished teaching “Things Fall Apart” with this year’s 10th graders, so that story was still fresh in my mind while I read this memoir by another Nigerian writer. The Years of Childhood Study Guide.

Being young and incredibly inquisitive and curious, Wole gets into akd of trouble, both physically and emotionally. His grandfather was a pagan, and there are many akee to the more superstitious parts of the traditional religion — Soyinka did not become interested in the religion seriously until somewhat later.

If the defense meets Daodu’s, the esteemed Winston Churchillesque principal himself, standards, the accused goes free, the obviousness of their crime or the absurdity of their argument having little to no impact on the decision.

I kept laughing heartily at scenes i could not only relate too but remember as a part of my own childhood. The questions he asked, his experiences at Abeokuta Grammar School eoyinka me rolling.

Aké: The Years of Childhood Summary & Study Guide

But adults are adults. The Biography of a Place. Oct 01, Philip rated it really liked it. The first few pages are a little bewildering, before you sink into the comfortable flow of humorous, tender, wondering memories.

Strangely, their family too lives its life just like the others, with no sohinka inkling of the greatness to come. It’s because I believe that the human experience has both particular and universal elements and Soyinka is at his best in describing his childhood days in such a way that both are clearly present.

The last 50 sotinka are Soyinka’s astonished witnessing of the Nigerian Women’s Movement in which a women’s group, originally formed by a few wealthy, educated women who wanted to school young wives in etiquette and cooking, turned into zoyinka powerhouse movement when their pupils were prevented from coming to class which by then extended to literacy by British tax agents. Expectation demanded something special, something revelatory perhaps, from the formative years of a man who grew up to be one of the greatest writers of all time.


Nov 16, Victor Chizi rated it really xke it. The Years of Childhood. The second half of the book is a little clearer, written as a young man going through the rights of growing up, a disturbing night with the priest during sojinka his ankles and hands are ceromoniously bled, and his time at school including his experiences of coporal punishment. He eats plenty of good food and, by no means uniquely, but certainly eloquently, describes the multicultural reality of colonial West Africa.

Aké: The Years of Childhood Summary & Study Guide

Return to Book Page. Were it not for sheer force of akf to finish this book on time for school, I probably would have set it down with a vague intention to return to it another day, when I could linger over the languorous descriptions of parsonage and terrain.

Finally, this boy from a young age has a fervent interest in books. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Admittedly, the story taking place before and during WWII grounds one a bit, but here the new is traded for the soyibka lens, a view of things both turned aoe its head and lushly unique.

Raised by an educator, what we would now term as a feminist and a community of well meaning adults allows for him to position and give importance to the characters equally and raise intersecting issues such as social justice, mental illness, class, ethnic differences, colonialism, race relations to name a few.

Aké: The Years of Childhood by Wole Soyinka

Now it makes sense why the Kut Absolutely wonderful. Jul 13, Aubrey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Books by Wole Soyinka. Akd Us on Facebook.