Giorgio Agamben. Translated from the Italian h Jeff Port. In Praise. Of Profanation . Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from Giorgio. Agamben’ s. Essays by a provocative Italian philosopher on memory and oblivion, on what is lost and what remains. The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has always. Giorgio Agamben. In Foucault’s analyses, devices generate both de- subjectivation and subjectivation processes. Unfortunately, many amongst the studies on.

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I believe she even was ordered by a French judge to pay back taxes owed on profits from her work, profits that she never even received. Whereas it is an open question whether human dignity and rights are as beleaguered as Profanaion makes them appear, his strong, perhaps hyperbolic, rhetoric gives emphatic expression to the need for continued vigilance. This slim volume is like the little top that kept on spinning after all the other tops had slowed and toppled to a halt. In a sense, fashion would be more entitled, and would certainly be likely disposed, to profanation than pornography, despite the fact that the latter is prone to profanation as well.

Although, perhaps the most fragmented of his books that I’ve read and with some essays that I’m at worst mildly indifferent rpofanation even if they are pleasurable and interesting to read, this book deserves five stars if only for ‘the Assistants’, ‘Special Being’, ‘Magic and Happiness’ and ‘In Praise of Profanation’ alone. The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has always been an original reader of texts, understanding their many rich historical, aesthetic, and political meanings and effects.

Capitalist nihilism is a religious cult of the purest kind – formal – its contents being the empty forms of separation and sacredness. Whether or not the last sentence is true, and it is on its face at least debatable, it does not follow from the preceding discussion. The book agmben ten essays on a variety of subjects, written by a leading contemporary political philosopher. Lists with This Book. The range of topics and themes addressed here attest to the creativity of Agamben’s singular mode of thought and his persistent concern with the act of witnessing, sometimes futile, sometimes earth-shattering.


Profanations // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame

Agamben has a lot of charm, and a real respect for, and knowledge of, history, philosophy, art, and the sacred. Berbeda dengan Nudities yang masih memiliki benang merah tipis di setiap esai di dalamnya, buku ini membahas banyak hal secara random. Saya pikir saya tidak salah memilih Profanations sebagai jalan pembuka untuk membaca Seri Profqnation Sacer. At the risk of oversimplifying a complex body of ideas, I will place Profantion in the context of at least a fraction of Agamben’s thought.

The variety enables readers to see Agamben in his relaxed informal mode, discussing what he loves and why, and in his more guarded formal mode, discussing theoretical matters with the customary air of objectivity.

While such broad expertise is a valuable resource, it places extraordinary demands on readers. Still we will run up against a difficulty. The opening essay suggests that the source of human creativity is impersonal.


Oct 06, tout rated it it was amazing Shelves: An example of the former is Chapter Three, the only chapter written in the first person, which begins with the question “What fascinates and entrances me in the photographs I love? It might be reviewed, therefore, in a number of ways, for example, as a work of literature, a collection of prose poems, a portrait of the author, a diagnosis of the current political scene, or as a prophetic warning.

Each essay takes on a very specific subject and dissects it from more angles than you could imagine. A photo from some time ago that I wish I would have kept, where my wife’s face was simply angelic, she sitting backwards in a ladder-back chair, nude, her legs spread wide and her genitals on display. While that essay draws most extensively from Walter Benjamin, whose influence has been evident throughout Agamben’s career, readers will also find it helpful to think of Theodor Adorno in the background.

So fresh, so oriented towards the hidden and sacred. Some very tasty essays in here. Profanations contains developed arguments, suggestions for looking at things differently, critical readings of others’ ideas, and a host of personal perceptions, reactions, and reflections. Mar 15, Karlo Mikhail rated it liked it Shelves: Esai-esai di dalamnya tidak berhubungan satu sama lain, bahkan menurut saya terkesan acak.


As categorical as his judgments appear to be about the current condition of our “species,” he always offers a way out, hence the value of the normative discourse. CoolBreeze rated it really liked it Oct 08, I don’t often do this, but on having just finished it, I am about to reread the entire book all over again. Well worth your time.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I found the most intriguing and developed sections to be the “Parody” chapter and the conclusion of “Special Being,” which elegantly redefines Debord’s sense of “spectacle” in relation to medieval debates on the metaphysical status of images!

Agamben has a lot of charm, and a real respect for, and knowledge of, hi Really interesting, well-written, and creative, but a little short and incomplete-feeling. I am not sure she is even the type of person who would allow herself to be fucked like that, the way the pros do it and with all that heavy machinery involved.

Magnificent, exquisite perspicacity of thought. This engaging and accessible collection of short essays uses etymology and cultural histories to address the crossing points between the divine and the human. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He reframes debates about authorship, photography, and parody within the motion of the gesture and human playfulness to address psychological functions and the cultural performativity of human action in text and image.

Roughly speaking, Agamben tells us: Sovereign Power and Bare Life one of three books in the Homo Sacer seriesAgamben developed the unsettling thesis that everyone subject to the sovereign authority of the modern nation-state has been reduced by a system of biopolitics to naked life, existence devoid of personal dignity and rights.