Când sotia capitanului Dreyfus s-a înfatisat spre a depune marturie privitoare la buna . Afacerea Dreyfus spunea, chiar în timpul primului proces Zola, celebrul. Afacerea Dreyfus (decembrie ) a determinat frământări şi luăride atitudine în viaţa politică franceză, provocând o adevărată criză în – Français: Image du Petit Journal – Affaire Dreyfus. «Alfred Dreyfus dans sa prison». Date, 20 January Afacerea Dreyfus. Usage on.

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The elections of were focused on the “social question” and resulted in a Republican victory just under half the seats against the conservative right and the reinforcement of the Radicals about seats and Socialists about 50 seats.

On 9 September the court rendered its verdict: After this, everything aafacerea done to oust him from his position, with the help of his own deputy, Major Henry. The prosecutor Manau echoed the views of the President. It is a crime to lie to the public, to twist public opinion to insane lengths in the service of the vilest death-dealing machinations.

If you ask further explanations from Rome, I would say that I never had relations with the Jew. It was brief, thanks to the General Staff’s skillful manipulation of the investigator. The Adjutant broke his sword on his knee and then the condemned Dreyfus marched at a slow pace in front of his former companions. By that judgment, the Supreme Court imposed itself as an absolute authority capable of standing up to military and political power.

I know of no greater crime against the nation. This lack of consent allowed the General Staff to contest openly the quality of the evidence and to go hard on Picquart to discredit him. Incidents between the two lawyers for Dreyfus multiplied. From that point on, his dryefus only grew, he took on the crimes of others, he became as guilty as they, if not more so, for he was in a position to bring about justice and did nothing.


Mornard who represented Lucie Dreyfus argued without any difficulty or opposition from the prosecution. Cavaignac made a statement two days long, but failed to prove the guilt of Dreyfus. Alphonse Bertillonwho was not an expert in handwriting, was presented as a scholar afacerda the first importance.

Sir, Would you allow me, grateful as I am for the kind reception you once extended to me, to show my concern about maintaining your well-deserved prestige drfyfus to point out that your star which, until now, has shone so brightly, risks being dimmed by the most shameful and indelible of stains? On 29 Octoberafter the submission of the report from the recorder Alphonse Bard, the Criminal Chamber of the Court stated that “the application is admissible and will proceed with a supplementary afcerea.

In counter-attack, the General Staff discovered and revealed the information hitherto ignored in the “secret file”. Afacwrea Ranc and Cassagnac, who represented the majority of the press, the closed court was a low manoeuvre to enable the acquittal of Dreyfus, “because the minister is a coward”.

To condemn Dreyfus, dreyfud writing on the bordereau had to be compared to that of the Captain.

File:Dreyfus Petit Journal jpg – Wikipedia

The ereyfus of the Government, who voted to revert to the Supreme Court on 26 Septemberled to the resignation of Zurlinden who was soon replaced by General Chanoine. On 20 Januaryafter an anti-Zola speech by rightist politician Albert de Mun at the Chamber of Deputiesthe chamber voted —22 to prosecute Zola. These provocations plus permanent demonstrations from the extreme right, although it never actually put the Republic in danger, created a burst of Republicanism leading to the formation of a “government of republican defence” around Waldeck-Rousseau on 22 June This is most likely the origin of the secret file.

Use the HTML below. The investigation was conducted by Captain Antoine Louis Targe, aide to the minister.

This was the language afacedea Mr Scheurer-Kestner later used with General Billot as well, appealing to his patriotism to take charge of the case so that it would not degenerate into a public disaster. Esterhazy was notified of the matter on the following day, along with guidance on the defensive line to take.


Intr-o asemenea dezlantuire de ura, la care nu se astepta, Clemenceau reflecteaza: The Liberation and the revelation of the Holocaust brought a deep reflection on all of the Dreyfus Affair. But to whom if not to you, the first magistrate of the country, shall I reveal the vile baseness of the real culprits?

On 21 February xfacerea, he embarked on the ship Ville de Saint-Nazaire. Satan appears in a convent and takes the guise of a priest. Example of an exchange between Fernand Dreeyfus, lawyer for the defence and the President of the Court, Delegorgue.

The affair engendered numerous antisemitic demonstrations, which in turn affected emotions within the Jewish communities of Central and Western Europe. Yet Jews, despite the state-sanctioned efforts of the emancipation movementwere never truly accepted into society and were often deemed as aliens and outsiders, [] even when they showed extreme devotion by fighting courageously in the drefus of their respective countries.

File:Dreyfus Petit Journal 1894.jpg

Three of the documents transmitted concerned short- and long-range artillery. He kept insisting to his superiors in the name afacwrea justice. The best part of it is that Picquart was himself an anti-Semite. Views Read Edit View history. Picquart confided in his friend, lawyer Louis Leblois, who promised secrecy.

In December the same newspaper launched a subscription, in favour of his widow, to erect a monument to Henry. In an apostrophe for the army, Galliffet announced: There was indeed a strengthening of parliamentary democracy and a failure afacerrea monarchist and reactionary forces. He knew several languages: