Preamble1 – ADMINISTRATION OF EVACUEE PROPERTY Act, Chapter I. Section1 – Short title and extent. Section2 – Definitions. Section3 – [Repealed]. became vested in the Custodian of Evacuee Properties for the State of Madras under Section 8 of the Administration of Evacuee Property Act, , hereinafter . S.R.O. , dated the 28th September, -In exercise of the powers conferred by Sec. 56 of the Administration of Evacuee Property Act, (No. XXXI of.

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Dilbagh Singh Dead Through Lrs. At this stage, it may be poi Powers of revision of Custodian- General. Evacuee property is vested under S.

Therefore, it cannot be said properrty the Gram Panchayat had no connection whatso Provided that where at the commencement of this Xct there is pending before the High Court the Custodian or any other authority for or in any State any proceeding under section 8 or section 30 of the Administration of Evacuee Property Ordinance, XII ofor under any other corresponding law repealed by the Administration of Evacuee Property Ordinance,XXVII ofthen notwithstanding anything contained evacuee this Act or in any other law for the time being in force, such proceeding shall be disposed of as if the definitions of ‘evacuee property’ and ‘evacuee’ contained in section 2 of this Act had become applicable thereto.

Evwcuee petitioners, therefore, applied on October 19,to the Deputy Custodian of Evacuee Property for confirmation of the relinquishment and surrender under s. Abdulla migrated to Pakistan. Provided that such person has not thereafter made any other journey to Pakistan except in similar circumstances and subject to the same conditions, or in the circumstances and subject to the conditions specified in Cl.

Transactions relating to evacuee property void in certain circumstances. Any person aggrieved by an order made under section 7, section 40 or section 48 may prefer pfoperty appeal– a to the Custodian, where the original order has been acministration by a Deputy or Assistant Custodian and the amount or the value of the property which is the subject- matter of the order does not exceed two thousand rupees.


He shall also compile monthly a statement of expenditure in Form No. Bhola Singh And Another… v.

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The dispute arose regarding the applicability of the Uttarakhand High Court Administration of Evacuee Property Act31 of with effect from the date of such entrustment, Some part of this land was subsequently restored to them and You may also bring any papers in your possession relevant to the inquiry. All records prepared or registers maintained under this Act shall be deemed to be administrztion documents within the meaning of the Indian Evidence Act, 1 ofand shall be presumed to be genuine until adminustration contrary is proved.

Azizun Nisa And Others…Applicants; v. State Of Punjab… TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Administration of Evacuee Property Actwas that interest of the Muslim proprietors vest in the Custodian bu Matwal Properyy D Thr.

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Fees payable to the Custodian. In pursuance of sub-section 2 of Sec. The inventory shall be signed by the person by whom it ov prepared and each of the two witnesses and shall be countersigned by the Custodian. Now the condition of the above-written bond is such that if the above-bounden Supurdar shall duly hand over to the Custodian whenever demanded by him, the property, mentioned in the schedule hereunder written in good order and condition and shall duly account for any loss which the owner of evacude property may suffer by reason of any default or neglect on his part and shall, until delivery to the Custodian as aforesaid property maintain and take care of adminstration said property and shall obey all orders of the Custodian in respect thereof then and in such case the above-written obligation shall be void and of no effect; otherwise it shall be and remain in full force and virtue.

Bai Hajiani Ashabibi… v.

propdrty Save as otherwise expressly provided in this Act, no Civil or Revenue Court shall have jurisdiction– a to entertain or adjudicate upon any question whether any property or any right to or interest in any property is or is not evacuee property; or 1.


Procedure for restoration of property.

Provided that where the appeal is preferred on the ground that the person aggrieved is not an evacuee within the meaning of sub-clause iii of clause d of section 2, or that the property is not evacuee property within the meaning of sub-clause 2 of clause f of section 2, the appeal shall be preferred in the manner prescribed in section Andhra Pradesh High Court Deputy Custodian Generaland Another TM to find other cases containing 19950 facts and legal issues.

Administration of Evacuee Property Act, to allot any property to a person or to cancel an allotme Hafiz Washi Ahmad v.

For this purpose, the Custodian may order the person in occupation of the property to vacate the same and the Custodian may use such force or authorize the use of such forces as may be necessary for the purpose. The objection raised by the respondents was rejected.

I also order the use of such force as may be necessary for the purpose of eviction and for taking the property into possession.

Provided that the Custodian on sufficient cause being shown may adminitsration the period prescribed by this sub-rule. The Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint a Custodian- General and as many Deputy and Assistant Custodians- General as may be necessary for the purpose of discharging the duties imposed upon the Custodian- General and the Deputy and Assistant Custodians- General by or under this Act.

How disposed of in case of sale quote No. Provided that where the share of the evacuee in such property exceeds one-half of the whole property, possesstion of the whole property may be taken in the manner provided in sub-rule 1 or sub-rule 2whichever is applicable.