Acronal V ap is processed with fillers in usual mixers. Vacuum planetary mixers have proven suitable for producing sealants. In order to gain optimal filler . Acrylic/vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion. Used in adhesives for laying PVC floor coverings and carpets with many different backings. Offers benefits such as hig. Description. An acrylic/vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion; used as a base for industrial adhesive formulations used as base for packaging and laminating.

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Innovative solutions for adhesive raw materials Adhesives product selection guide.

For example up to 40 or 50 wt. In a typical lab preparation a 4 liter jacketed resin kettle was used as the reactor. An article in Recent Developments in Separations Sciences, vol.

Then t-butyl hydroperoxide was added and the mixturewas cooled to 43 C. The particle size distribution trimodal and the mean particle size was 3. Such monomers include vinylidene chloride and vinyl esters having from carbon atoms such aronal vinyl acetate or combinations thereof. The dispersions are useful to form sealants, membranes, etc.

Acronal® V na by BASF Dispersions & Resins – Adhesives & Sealants

Thus, if insufficient emulsifier is present in the latex, additional emulsifier can be added during or after the monomer addition orprior to the addition of monomers. Example 18 Several examples from Aacronal. Therefore the desiredpolymers of the dispersion are in a rubbery state if not crosslinked during the polymerization their Tg is below the polymerization temperature. Polymers are in a rubbery state above their Tg value. These solvent based types of sealant formulations generally yield sealants with good application properties thixotropy and viscosity and in the cured form typically have the elastomeric properties and adhesion required for a high performance sealant or caulking acroal.


However, a significant number of the smaller latex particles, e. Label – Removable Dispersions for removable label applications. If these monomers are acronzl in the polymer of the latex their amount is desirably up to about 80 or 85 wt. Lorem ipsum doloramet, conseteture sadipscing. This modulus and Tg of the polymers is also aceonal as the modulus or Tg of the polymer as plasticized by any monomers, absorbed surfactants, and other plasticizing chemical compounds.

The agitator is desirably designed to come in close contact with the reactor walls and to thoroughly mix materials inside the reactor. A high solids polymer dispersion according to claim 24, wherein said dispersion has at least 80 wt.

Other monomers also include functionalized acrylates having from 4 to 16 carbon b such as acrylates acrpnal pendant carbon-carbon double bonds or pendant epoxy rings. It may be used as an adhesive formulation or in coatings such as carpet backing. Please choose your country. Water soluble thermal initiators typically used in emulsion polymerization such as, but not limited to, ammonium persulfate can also be used successfully.

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Details of Acronal Export Data Under Hs Code 39069090­­

These droplets can be converted into polymer particles by polymerization. The theories on xcronal rheology suggest particles with diameters below 0.

It is the object of the current application to polymerize in the presence of a preformed latex additional monomers creating a high solids, low viscosity, thixotropic product especially useful in coatings and sealants.


The dispersion can be used as a saturant or binder for paper, textiles or nonwovens. The final dispersion had a solids content of An example of a polymerization using a vinyl acetate copolymer starting latex is illustrated in Table VI.

Fully coalesced and dried acronql of this dispersion showed two separate glass transition temperatures as in Example 1. The polymerization of this disclosure could also be done in a continuous polymerization. The resultant polymer was very thixotropic.

The mixer usedhad variable mixing speeds from 40 to rpm. Ammonia is the most preferred.

Sample Report for Indian Export Data of Acronal

The starting latex may also be a preformed polymer dispersed as particles in water forming a latex. A high solids polymer dispersion according to claim 3, accronal said latex comprises up to 85 wt.

The thixotropic dispersion refers to a dispersion wherein the measured viscosity decreases by a factor of from 5 to acrobal, when the shearrate rpm of the viscometer used to test the viscosity is increased from 1rpm to rpm, more desirably for this process the viscosity varies by a factor from 10 toand preferably from 15 to Each of these particle size ranges will have a weight mean particlesize.

Duis sodales ante risus. The sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate catalyzes the t-butyl hydroperoxide causing it to form free radical containing species which react with any residual free monomer. When average sizes are referred to without a basis, weight average sizes are preferred.

Synthetic core-shell particle resin emulsion, process for producing and coating compositions comprising same.